Meet Ms Nancy the style coach!!!

Style Coaching is a unique combination of personal styling and life coaching .Unlike the traditional image consultants, a style coach works with a client not only on the image they see in the mirror but also on the image they see in their mind’s eye too (their internal self image). One person making great strides in that area is style coach, Nancy Anane better known as Ms Nancy.

She helps her clients to discover and develop their own style, motivate and encourage them to set and achieve goals that causes them to gain confidence and acquire timeless life skills.

According to Ms Nancy, in an age where human beings are being marketed as brands, one needs the services of a style coach to stand out and not mix in. The work of a style coach if effective can bring such transformation to a client it’s almost magical.

“A style coach can help you look younger, gracefully grow older and look well proportioned when you dress also get to shop for cloths that fits and flatters your best features.”

When a client becomes aware of fabrics, clothing lines, cuts and detailing, they look stylish with very little because they understand that some clothing and accessories can work for or against you in the putting of yourself together.

“With my professional eye, I know how a cut will fit a body shape ,if a certain fabric will drape, skim, smooth or cling,” she explains.

Knowing that style goes beyond appearance to the very way you live,a client also at their request is thought how to TALK,WALK,BE A GREAT HOSTESS,DECLUTTER THIER HOMES & LIVES.

After 10 years of speaking on radio, Ms Nancy set out to venture into something new. She wanted to have positive impact on her generation and so she was elated when TV3 approached her to chaperon and be the personal groomer of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant in 2014.  After the programme she wanted to take the personal grooming more seriously and so enrolled at the Style Coaching Institute in the UK to become a professional.

“Studying Style Coaching is transforming in itself. I now have greater self-awareness and the pleasure of self nurturing,” she said.
She is available for one-on-one consultation, speaking engagements, as resource for your TV and Radio  programmes.